Best Russian Language Learning Software - 6 Programs

The incredible list of the best and free software for learning Russian more effectively.


1. Rosetta Stone: Learn a Language with Lifetime Access - Choose from 24 Languages [Key Card]

  • Focuses on all areas of Russian language learning - reading, writing and speaking
  • Interactive software allows you to practice your conversational skills
  • Uses speech recognition software to improve pronunciation
  • Mobile companion lets you study on your smart phone
  • PHRASEBOOK: Get easy-to-understand greetings, phrases, expressions, and more with Phrasebook.
  • AUDIO COMPANION: Conveniently listen and learn offline with downloadable Audio Companion lessons
  • STORIES: Acquire new vocabulary by reading stories as they were meant to be read: in their own language
  • TruACCENT: Get instant feedback to fine-tune your pronunciation with our TruAccent speech engine
  • Games and social networking available

2.Learn Russian with Rocket Russian Level 1, the best Russian course to learn, speak and understand Russian fast. Over 120 hours of Russian lessons for Mac, PC, Android & iOS

I started with Rosetta Stone, I got frustrated when they introduced words and sentences that you had no explanation of. This frustrated me to no end, then I looked at someones blog post that referred to this Rocket course and thank God cause this is amazing. I read in someone's review posted on this course that you can't go back to listen to something you missed during the conversation. I'd like to set it straight that you can actually use the thing you plug into the computer that allows you to move the cursor on the screen and drag the round circle back to where you want to. You DONT have to finish the conversation to the end and replay it. *Sigh* Anyway, I'm excited to learn Russian, I have 3 months to get what I can down pat and hopefully be able to carry on some basic conversation, with the parents :) Its great when you have beautiful motivation to keep you engaged in the lessons. Also, the mobile app is amazing, I can go on walks and in the car listening to the conversations in full to review. Thanks Rocket Languages!!! I will definitely learn Spanish and then Japanese next if this goes well!

3.Learn Russian Now! Win/Mac

  • Listening and speaking activities, grammar tools, and vocabulary games build a solid foundation, while real-life video content lets you interact with native speakers.
  • Learn Russian Now! also adds online features that create an interesting and authentic atmosphere, making learning Russian fast, fun, and highly effective.
  • Learn Russian Now!'s four stimulating titles include: Fundamental Russian, Survival Phrases for Russian, Getting Around Russia, and St. Petersburg: A Window on Europe. GrammarPro!, the software's comprehensive grammar tool, adds more than 10,000 words, extensive tutorials, and grammar quizzes to your desktop. Installed, GrammarPro! integrates seamlessly with all four Learn Russian Now! titles to provide detailed grammar analyses with just a click of your mouse.
  • Online features, fun interactive games, and conversations and phrases round out this deluxe suite.
  • Practice your pronunciation using the integrated speech features, then record your voice and replay your conversation. Learn at your own pace by deciding when you need translation.

This immersion method of language learning is what works best for me. I highly recommend this. Don't get stressed if you don't understand everything at first. In the long run, you learn much faster this way.

4. Learn Russian *Visual language learning* for PC, MAC, Ipod, MP3 player

This Russian program is designed for your PC, MAC, IPOD Video, IPOD, MP3 player and is perfect for beginners/travelers. This cd utilizes our Visual-Flash-Cards-System.

You will see an image related to a word, sentence, or phrase. This gives you a visual cue, which is ideal for those learning a new foreign language. Begin learning basic words, numbers, etc. Then, identifying objects around you. You'll progress into the first phrases that a beginner/traveler would want to use.You will learn how to meet and greet people, ask for the bathroom, taxi, and even romantic relations.

Contains data cd; 22 video + 22 audio files, and the ebook documents.

5. Talk Now!: Learn Russian (Russian Edition)



  • The "intelligent" software feature remembers words you get wrong and targets your weak points
  • Extensive basic vocabulary, from first words, food, colors, phrases, parts of the body and numbers, to telling time, shopping and countries
  • Each of the target languages for Talk Now! has help available in an additional 102 languages – simply choose the flag of your native country in the beginning of the program & EuroTalk’s Talk Now! Program will provide instruction in your native language
  • Each topic contains listening practice, an easy game, a hard game, a printable dictionary as well as the opportunity to record your voice and hear how you sound in comparison to the two native speakers who tutor the user throughout the Talk Now! course
  • Each question that is answered correctly increases the user's score - get an answer wrong and points will be lost. There are 1800 points in total to gain from the disc. A full score earns the user a 'Gold Award'


6. Speak & Learn Russian


  • Fast, fun, and easy way to start speaking with confidence!
  • Choose Learn Mode or Game Mode
  • Over 700 everyday words and phrases
  • Subjects and situations include city streets, restaurants, supermarkets, classrooms, doctor's offices, home, family, and more!

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