Best Russian Language Learning Software - 6 Programs

The incredible list of the best and free software for learning Russian more effectively.


1. Rosetta Stone v3 - Russian Русский Level 1-5


Rosetta Stone v3 - Russian Русский Level 1-3


Rosetta Stone Russian include:


  • Focuses on all areas of Russian language learning - reading, writing and speaking
  • Interactive software allows you to practice your conversational skills
  • Uses speech recognition software to improve pronunciation
  • Mobile companion lets you study on your smart phone
  • Audio companion allows mobile learning either on CD or MP3
  • Games and social networking available

2. Professor Higgins. Russian without accent!

Professor Higgins. Russian without accent!


«Professor Higgins. Russian without accent!» – is a full phonetic and lexical multi-media reference training source based on comparison your own pronunciation with the sample not only orally, but also visually, by graphic on the screen of the monitor that is possible thanks to the original technologies of extraction and recognition of sound parts of word’s phonem.


The programme is made up on the principle “from simple to difficult” (sounds, words, phrases, audiotraining, dictation, tematic dialogues, proverbs, tongue-twisters, verses and stories), has theoretical materials (rules, schemes, explaining examples), dictionaries (general dictionary and dictionary of homonymes) and the user’s manual.


3. Let's learn Russian

Let's Learn Russian


Let's Learn Russian  includes over 500 words that will have you speaking with confidence in no-time.

  • Record, playback and compare your speech with Advanced Pronunciation Analysis.
  • The SlowSound function allows you to control playback and hear every spoken nuance.
  • Contains full native speaker sound with conversation practice.
  • Dictation, pronunciation and drill 'n' practice, games are included to test and reinforce the lessons taught in the program.
  • Monitor your progress on individual words or lists. You can create and customise your own lists and words, and even print out word flash cards.
  • Import and Export lists so you can share your lists among other Let's Learn Russian users.
  • Multiple User support allows each user to create a unique learning profile.


4. Quickmind and Polar Lions Interactive - Crossword Junior

Quickmind and Polar Lions Interactive - Crossword Junior


Crossword Junior – training program for primary school children, uchaschaya their alphabet and spelling of words in three languages ​​(English, and Spanish).
A student enters a letter with the mouse or keyboard.


Students can solve a crossword puzzle in various ways:

– Substitution of a puzzle (drag’n’drop) pictures for words that are already in the grid;
– Substitution of a puzzle (drag’n’drop) words for images that are already in the grid;
– Substitution of a puzzle (drag’n’drop) letters for words already in the grid;
– Typing letters in the puzzle for the words that are already in the grid.


* Display settings:

– Select a language. After changing the language of all text on the screen and you will be switched to the selected language, and a crossword puzzle will be presented in the language.
– Allow the tips (not available in the print mode from the keyboard).
– Allow printing. If you do not want a student accidentally pressed the print button, then select “no” to disable printing.
– The alphabet: a student can enter letters in the cells of crossword puzzle using the keyboard or mouse, the image on the screen of the alphabet can be in alphabetical order or keyboard.


* Game Mode: Printing. You may choose whether to include in the printout:

– Solving crossword.
– The name of the class student.
– Picture the background. Add a picture when printed, it will be chosen at random program.


* Mode lesson: the pupil are called letters and words needed to solve a crossword puzzle, and the cells are indicated for them. It teaches the use of the program and the target language.
* Volume Control: You can adjust the volume of the lesson and games.
* Color pictures, which are key to the crossword puzzle, “come alive” with the right word guessing.
* Each letter and word pronunciation in the target language.


5. Easy language - 25 languages

Easy language - 25 languages

With Easy Language 25, a few minutes a day is all it takes to learn and communicate with people from all around the world. From Arabic to Zulu, explore basic grammar as well as essential words and phrases. Hear pronunciation by native speakers. Add international character scripts, games, Internet links, and multimedia and you've got a world-class resource perfect for anyone interested in learning languages!


* World-class resource for anyone interested in learning languages
* Explore basic grammar as well as essential words and phrases
* 2,200 words and 350 phrases per language; 610-page printed dictionary
* Hear pronunciation by native speakers; add international character scripts
* Verb conjugation; interactive games; videos and photo tours


6. Transparent Language - Before You Know It

Transparent Language - Before You Know It

Transparent Language - Before You Know It - Whether for business, travel, school or personal enjoyment, you’ll quickly learn to understand and speak 1,000 common words and 250 essential phrases, in Russian language!


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