4 Best Sites for Free Legal Watching Russian Movies Online with Russian Subtitles

Russian movies with Russian subtitles for learning Russian language through films.Russian films will help you immerse into the mentality, humor, slang of the Russian people.


1. Cinema concern "Mosfilm" - films with subtitles - many interesting free Russian films at Youtube channel. 

Mosfilms Russian Films with Russian subtitles

Best Russian Mosfilm movies:

2. Star Media - Movies with Russian Subtitles - modern Russian movies with subtitle at StarMedia's Youtube channel.

Star Media Russian Films with Russian Subtitles  

3. NTV (НТВ) - the official Youtube channel with their new movies and shows with Russian subtitle.

Screen. NTV's playlist of free legal Russian movies with Russian subtitles.

4. RVISION channel - the huge video aggregator of films with Russian auto-generate subtitles.

It consists all movies of one of the oldest and largest film studios in Russia — Gorky Film Studio. It represents the largest rights holders in Russia. Many, many great Russian Soviet movies and cartoons are there ;-)   


Screen. Russian Soviet movies with Russian auto-generate subtitles.

Additional resources:

Russian movies with ENGLISH subtitles:

Cinema Mosfilm


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