10+ best textbooks for learning Russian at beginner level for foreigners (pdf format, legal download)

A special selection of textbooks with lessons for foreigners to independently study the Russian language at an initial level.

1. Русский язык. Первые шаги. 3 части.

One of the best courses for learning Russian for foreign students. There is an audio application. There are a lot of spellings, it helps very well to master the alphabet, reading rules, pronounce sounds correctly (professional voice acting). Exercises can be done right in the textbook. The grammar is explained in accessible language. There are a lot of different useful tables.

Русский язык. Первые шаги. Часть 1

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Additional audio CD for the first part:

Part 2 - >>

Part 3 - >>

Paper version on Amazon:

2. По-русски обо всём. Учебник для детей 10-13 лет из русскоговорящих семей

A wonderful special textbook for family learning, will be useful not only for children of learners who remember Russian, but also for adults. The textbook contains adapted texts from the works of the classics of Russian literature and modern pistols. The texts are accompanied by grammatical explanations. 

По-русски обо всём. Учебник для детей 10-13 лет из русскоговорящих семей

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3. Поехали. Начальный курс.

Very high quality course:

  • created on excellent glossy paper,
  • bright illustrations,
  • audio can be listened to via QR code,
  • modern word set,
  • very successful life dialogues.

The training course itself (paper version, on Amazon).

Audio supplement to the Poekhali-1 training course.

Develops speech skills well. The modern Russian language is used, actual expressions, modern words, there is even humor, so that it is not boring to learn the great and mighty.

Поехали! Начальный курс русского языка.

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4. Комплект учебников по грамматике, чтению для семейного изучения русского языка "Русский без границ"

Very handy tutorials. The assignments are well worked out and you can do them right in the book, you don't need notebooks.

Скачать учебник Русский без границ 
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5. В мире людей. Выпуск 1. Письмо. Говорение. Учебное пособие по подготовке к экзамену по русскому языку для граждан зарубежных стран (ТРКИ-2 – ТРКИ-3)

Отзывы о книге В мире людей. Выпуск 1. Письмо. Говорение.

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6. Жили были… 12 уроков русского языка. Базовый уровень. 

A very well-written textbook. Logical structure. Clear tables.

учебник жили-были читать

+ Workbook - >>

+ Grammar workshop - >>

and audiobook:

7. Essential Russian Grammar. Russian grammar basics & Grammar practice with answers - Evgenia Nekrasova.

Essential Russian Grammar. Practical grammar of the Russian language. Fundamentals of Russian grammar and a workshop with keys.

Read online.

Screen. Essential Russian Grammar. Russian grammar basics & Grammar practice with answers / Практическая грамматика русского языка. Основы русской грамматики и практикум с ключами.

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8. Глазунова О. - Грамматика русского языка в упражнениях и комментариях (Морфология+Синтаксис)

Russian grammar in exercises and comments (Morphology + Syntax)

упражнения по грамматике русского языка

Part 1: A collection of exercises covering the most important sections of practical grammar, as well as the theoretical material needed to complete them. The tasks are based on the most frequent constructions of spoken language. Attention is paid to the contextual and stylistic use of linguistic units. The most difficult exercises to complete are provided with keys. For intermediate and advanced stages of study, as well as for preparation for passing TORFL-2 (humanities and journalism), TORFL-3.

Part 2: The second part of the manual “Russian grammar in exercises and comments. Morphology "O.I. Glazunova. Specially designed exercises presented in the collection will help students understand how phrases and sentences are constructed in Russian, what methods exist for expressing major and minor members, and what should be paid attention to when using synonymous prepositions, conjunctions and union words. The abundance of comments makes it possible to use the collection not only under the guidance of a teacher, but also for students' independent work. Keys and alphabetical index included. For advanced learning.

Additional materials:

  1. The New Penguin Russian Course: A Complete Course for Beginners (Penguin Handbooks)
  2. Living Language Russian, Complete Edition: Beginner through advanced course, including 3 coursebooks, 9 audio CDs, and free online learning
  3. Learn Russian - Word Power 101

9. Интенсивный курс русского языка. Н. М. Румянцева, И. С. Гусева

Intensive Russian language course is a textbook for those who want to quickly learn Russian from scratch. Most of the reviews about this textbook look something like this: "The textbook is wonderful! A very interesting technique! Works great)) I use it with my students (Russian as a foreign, basic level). Thank you!" And I can say that the tutorial is really worthwhile. Using it, you can very quickly master the necessary initial level of the Russian language, which will allow you to write, speak, and understand Russian.

Электронная книга. Интенсивный курс русского языка. Н. М. Румянцева

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10. Русский язык как иностранный. Весёлые шаги. Шаг первый.

Скрин. Русский язык как иностранный. Весёлые шаги. Шаг первый.

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Russian as a foreign language. Cheerful steps. Step one. - the only normal textbook of RFL (Russian as a foreign language) for children; recommended for children over 12 years old, but suitable for adults who are just starting to learn Russian.

The book is good: illustrations, texts, dialogues, exercises ...

The grammar is a little difficult to explain, but still explained.

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Давайте познакомимся. Русский язык как иностранный. Е. А. Хамраева, Э. И. Иванова

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Let's get acquainted. Russian as a foreign language. Part #1.

Let's get acquainted. Russian as a foreign language. Part #2.

The textbook of Russian as a foreign language based on the English language is intended for English-speaking students who master the first certification level of Russian language proficiency, the emphasis is on the development of oral and written skills, understanding of the Russian culture of communication.

A very good tutorial. I was especially impressed by the selection of illustrations and dialogues. I use it for children from 7 years old who grew up in blended families abroad. I am constantly looking for new materials for my subject. I haven't found a better tutorial yet.

I agree - the book is wonderful. I have been teaching Russian as a foreign language for a long time. I suffered for many years, because there was no normal literature, according to which it was possible to study with the middle group of children - children 10-15 years old. And here, here's a book by Khamraeva! Thank you very much ! It is pleasant to hold the book, good illustrations ... The program is composed competently and correctly. I advise everyone who teaches or teaches.

The only normal RCT textbook for children. I was afraid that it would be annoying that all the instructions and explanations were in English, but the children even like it, since almost everyone is now learning English. The book is good: illustrations, texts, dialogues, exercises .... The grammar is a little difficult to explain, but still explained. Recommended for children over 12 years old, but I use it even with children 8-9 years old, everything is ok. Thanks to the author for the book!