How to learn and practice Russian with Telegram

What is the Telegram?

This is the app for message exchange  (and not only)  on various devices. It works at the smartphones and PCs, also you may not install it at all but use web-version of Telegram with your browser. 


Why should I use the Telegram?

Fast. Telegram delivers messages faster than any other application.

Free. Telegram is free forever. No Ads. No subscription fees.

Powerful. The Telegram has no limits on the size of your media and chats.

Private. Telegram messages are heavily encrypted and can self-destruct.

Secure. Telegram keeps your messages safe from hacker attacks.

How can I use the Telegram for learning and practicing Russian?

First of all, you are needed to install Telegram App or use web-version of it. 

Second, use telegram tools for learning:

  1. Chat - for practice write (use the autocorrect feature on your phone;-)), voice Russian (+ you can send the recording of your prepared speech), asking questions about the Russian language. Do not be afraid to make mistakes! 
  2. Channel - for eating microdose of Russian.
  3. Bots - for translate from/to Russian, enjoy Russian music, read Russian books, transform Russian text to Russian speech for correct pronunciation and more.    


Learning Russian with Russians 

The international mixed chat for practicing and learning Russian with Russian native speakers and English with English native and NON-NATIVE speakers.

Chat for practicing Russian & English for (ONLY!) RU, EN natives, EU-bilinguals

The Ru-En chat for practicing and learning Russian with Russian native speakers and English with English NATIVE speakers. If you are not an English NATIVE join the group above!

Scambio russo-italiano

La chat per praticare e imparare il russo con nativi russi per i nativi italiani.


El chat para practicar y aprender ruso con nativos rusos para nativos españoles.


Chat pour étudier et pratiquer le russe avec le russe pour le français.

Russisch-Deutsch Sprachaustausch

Russisch-Deutsch Sprachtandem



The channel with a great collection of materials for free learning Russian.

Screen. Russian Basic Telegram Chanel.

The educational power of Telegram is in Bots!

Bots - robots that perform various useful functions.

There are useful Telegram bots for learning Russian.  


This Lingvo dictionary bot is useful to those who are learning the Russian language - it will in a split second tell you how to translate a particular word. For each word, it shows several translations at once - you just have to choose the right one. It translates any English and Russian words with excellent Lingvo translator. Simply send him any Russian or English word and it will translate it!

Another one dictionary - a simple bot gives out several variants of translations for a word or a phrasal verb introduced in Russian or English.


In many fantastic books, the crew of a spaceship that has landed on an unknown planet is given an aboriginal pocket translator. Attaching the device to clothing, earthlings magically begin to understand the local language. Bot Yandex Translator - a kind of analog of such a device; it, however, serves to talk not with aliens, but with foreigners. If you want to chat in Telegram with a person who speaks a language you do not know, add Yandex Translator to the chat room. The bot will translate your replicas and replicas of your interlocutor so that you understand each other.

Screen. Yandex Telegram bot.

For translate from English to Russian:

  1. Start bot. 
  2. Click or type /mylang.
  3. Click or type /setmylang.
  4. Click English (or your lang).
  5. Click or type /tolang.
  6. Click Русский.
  7. Type the word that you want to translate.

Screen. Yandex Telegram bot.

Audio Robot 

Two bots in one. It can search music from microphone record, also mp3 music by text, author or title. Also, it can voice any text on Russian. 

For searching Russian music:

Screen. The audirobot for searching Russian music and convert Russian text to speech.

1. Press START.

2. Click @mp3robot.

3. Press START.

4. Click /search.

5. Type name of a song or an author of the song or sing from a mic.

6. And wait 5-10 sec and you will get a file list of searching song.   

Screen. The Russian music telegram bot.

For convert Russian text to voice, for example for listening correct Russian pronunciation:

  1. Open audiorobot 
  2. Press START.
  3. Click /ru.
  4. Type word or phrase.
  5. Play file.

Screen. Russian text to voice.


Accents bot. If you do not know how to pronounce a particular word, send it to this assistant. The bot will immediately send an answer. The database of this bot has about 600 000 words with correctly spaced accents.


FM-receiver is not on every smartphone, not to mention the tablets, but the need to listen to the radio sometimes still arises. This bot is listening to all popular radio stations around the clock and can at any time give you a recording of the airwaves by the hour.

  1. Press START.
  2. Choose "Российские".
  3. Specify the station.
  4. Select the time.
  5. Get the AAC-file and listen to it in the background without leaving the Telegram.

Screen. The telegram radiobot, choosing radio's category.

Screen. Telegram radiobot. Choosing a radiostation.

Screen. Radiobot. Choode dates.

Screen. Radiobot. Choosing time.

Screen. Radiobot. Downloading Russian Radio show.



The bot for downloading music from VK. It helps you to find, listen, download any Russian songs.

  1. Press START.
  2. Click /song.
  3. Type a song's title.
  4. Click a number of a song.

Screen. The VK bot for listening Russian music.