Why are Russian women so desired?

Nature gave men and women different abilities and functions. Our main task is to find confidence and develop what inherent nature. For centuries, women supported the family home, creating comfort, took care of the family, they have children, carrying the beauty, love and harmony in the world. In the modern world the role of men and women are mixed, but the real man is always looking for a real woman.

Picture of a Russian strong woman.

In the 19th century Russian poet Nekrasov wrote about Russian women:


There are women in Russian villages

With calm importance of faces

With a beautiful force in the movement,

On the walk, with a look of queens -


Beauty, for whole world as a miracle,

Blush, slender, high,

In all the clothes are beautiful,

In any work she is deft.

It took 150 years, but the Russian woman managed to keep the female qualities.


Picture of a Russian beauty girl.What makes Russian women so desirable?

They say that our women are very beautiful. However, it is not just the innate beauty. Slavs women are always beautifully dressed, made up and go, whether they go to the store to buy bread or to visit. The women of this country do not compete with the men; they captivate men with their beauty and femininity.

From generation to generation the emphasis in educating girls is on her role in the family. Russian women seeking to start a family believe in loyalty and love for whole life, want to have more children and enjoy taking care of their family nest. Every man is important that after a day's work at home could experience the Picture of a Russian beauty in village with a cow.atmosphere of affection, warmth, care and love.


Slavs women are not afraid of difficulties and work.


They may work alongside men, lugging heavy products from the store, go to the night shift, but it always managed to find time for the children, cook a delicious dinner, and clean the house. Russian women often do not accept the semi-finished products, and enjoy the process of cooking. And it's nice to come home when you are met at the door the aroma of homemade cakes or something else tasty.


Russian women do not limit their world only soap operas and a kitchen.

Our women graduated higher education, interested in news, politics, sports, economy, art and so on.


Slavs women know their own worth and self-confidence.

But they are not arrogant, friendly, open-minded and easy to go on contact. They can be found anywhere: in the street, in the subway, in stores, in the café. Most often, Russian women put mental qualities above wealth.

Every real woman tries to complement her own man and become integrally. Russian woman strives to be for her husband a reliable rear, a loyal friend, an interesting conversationalist, a passionate and tender lover and caring mother for his children.


Author: Elena Andreeva

Picture of the Russian teacher.