Learn Russian Through Immersion

Of course,  the best way to learn Russian, is to be born in Russia to Russian-speaking parents.  After only a few years of intense study, you will be able to speak like a native.  In fact, most people who speak Russian well, used this method.  It is called immersion.

Even if you didn't have the foresight to be born there, immersion can still work for you.  When you want to study a language, nothing works so well as surrounding yourself with people who speak that language.  Before the internet, people who wanted to immerse themselves in Russian had to travel to Russia.  Now, however, native Russian speakers are only a mouse click away.  


There are tutorial programs that will have you speaking the language in only a few days.  However, to gain a deeper ability to speak Russian, you must continue to expose yourself to it as much as you can. The more hours a day you can spend working in the language, the better.  Here are a few tips:

1.      Find online television shows and news broadcasts in Russian.  This is an good way to learn Russian.  Even if you can't understand every word, the actions will help you know what is going on.

2.      Listen to Russian music.  The lyrics will mean more for you as you learn new words.  Also, you will gain an appreciation for the beautiful Russian culture.

3.      Finally, find a language partner from Russia.  Your education will not be complete until you start interacting with others.  Speaking the language, no matter how hesitantly at first, will do much to rewire your brain and get new neurons to firing.  Listening to the language as spoken by natives will help you to say words correctly. Chatting by typing in the Russian alphabet will give you better mastery of the written language.

Interacting with a language partner from Russia is the most important part of the immersion process.  All of the other activities are important, but they don't require the type of process that will allow your brain to master the language quickly.  Pen4Pals is a website that introduces native speakers to people wishing to learn Russian.  As a member of the site you will have access to many speakers who want to help you by talking with you in their language.  Once you have made Russian friends you will find learning their language and culture to be both easy and fun.