Are you invited to visit in Russia? How don`t find yourself in a tight corner!?


Russian people are very simple, kind, open-minded and friendly. We love to receive visitors and themselves go to visit. Hospitality is a national trait; it is a kind of competition, whose home is the best, who is the most skillful hostess, etc. In many houses, the kitchen is the most comfortable place, where family and friends gather often.


Do not be surprised if little-known Russian people will invite you to visit. They do it with pleasure and joy. I want to share with you some tips that will allow you to feel comfortable visiting.

If you are invited to visit, so you can enjoy a rich table with many different dishes. Russian love homemade tasty food. However, they expect you to reciprocate. You should bring the owners any gift or buy something to the table. This can be a cake, a box of chocolates, wine or cheese. If you come without a gift, it might hurt a little bit hosts, because they tried so hard for you.

Come home Russian people made take off one's shoes. Firstly, the Russian often go walking in all weather conditions, and, secondly, in many homes the entire floor is covered with carpets. Generally, the owner can offer you slippers. Do not refuse. Take the Russian tradition and enjoy the hospitality.

In many countries, they say a short toast, so for example in Germany say «Prosit», and in Italy - «Salute» .We decided to clink glasses and say the long toasts. If you do not know the Russian language, you can say, «За Вас!», which translates as «For you», and the owners will be very pleased. You can also say «За ваше здоровье» (To your health).

If you just go to the guests, the special dress code does not exist. However, Russian women are always festively dressed, combed and had make-up. If you do not want to stand out, it is the best to wear something more elegant than casual wear, but it is not necessary to look arrogant or stiff.

Russian women will never pay for themselves in a cafe. It is the duty of men. If you invite a lady in a cafe or restaurant, be prepared for this. Russian women have retained their femininity, so they expect from men, even friends, appropriate attitudes: give place inside transport, helping to bring heavy bags, to hold the door, help to dress and remove outer clothing. Be gallant gentleman!

By following these simple rules you will feel easy and comfortable. You will be welcome at your friends and acquaintances. You will see the Russian culture and life of their own eyes.

Author: Elena Andreeva

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