The 5 Best Sites For Learning Russian Pronunciation

The 5 Best Sites For Learning Russian Pronunciation

1. Forvo learning pronunciation of Russian words and Russian phrases online for free. The site contains a big collection of audio clips with Russian words recorded by native speakers.

2. Russian Pronunciation for Beginners -  139 videos for learning Russian pronunciation.


3. Video clips of Russian pronunciation (youtube). With phonetic transcription and translation



4. Video clips for russian pronunciation (youtube). Russian Pronunciation 1 Russian Pronunciation 2 Russian Pronunciation 3


5. Russian pronunciation video for Spanish speaking learners





Free online tool that automatically convert Russian text to its phonetic transcription:




Additional materials:

Say It Right in Russian: The Fastest Way to Correct Pronunciation Russian

Pronounce Russian Properly: Master the pronunciation and the music of Russian

Pronunciation Rules for Russian: A Systematic Approach for Converting Russian Spelling to Sound

Russian Pronunciation Guide: The secret to speaking Russian and not sounding like an American


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