Learning Russian with Russians

Learning Russian with Russians

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We are glad to say to you "Hi!" at our pen4pals language exchange service!

Our service is oriented to give you an opportunity to learn a Russian language with Russian native speakers.

What you need for language exchange is simply your native language.

  • We have no restrictions for languages - each language has a right to exist on our site.
  • You may use any language that you know.
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Why language exchange service?

We feel that the best way to learn a foreign language is by communicating with native speakers.

There is no charge and no money requirement! 

There are no specifics for time and place - it's all in your hands!

There is no doubt that learning a new language can be one of the biggest challenges we face. While children often seem to pick up new languages quite easily, adults generally have a much harder time. Understanding the basic grammar and syntax of a new language can be very difficult, but mastering the nuances and small points of that new tongue can be even more of a challenge.

That is why it is such a great idea to learn your new language from native speakers of that tongue. Native speakers will have a handle on those subtle differences that language teacher often overlook – those things that make the language unique. Learning from a native speaker can be even more important when attempting to master a difficult language like Russian. The Russian language is so different from English, and that can make it very hard for native English speakers to master. Having the help of someone who grew up speaking Russian can be a huge advantage.

It’s not exactly a secret that learning a language is much easier when it is learned in an interactive and natural context. Nevertheless, traditional language learning employs an abstract classroom approach that breaks language down to its basic constitutive elements – grammar, vocabulary, and sentence construction - and then reconstructs these elements once again into a unified whole. In other words, the emphasis in traditional language learning, as taught in schools and classrooms, is on language rather than speech. One first learns the rules of language and then uses them to engage in speech or conversation. If you take a few minutes to think about this approach it should be clear to you that it is counterintuitive. Children don’t learn to speak this way. In fact, the process involved in natural language acquisition is exactly the opposite of this approach. Children learn to speak by actually listening and mimicking the sounds around them in order to express their wants and desires. Children learn grammar and the rules of language by speaking and interacting with parents and siblings rather than learning the fundamentals of grammar first and then learning to speak.

If you doubt the importance of learning Russian from a native speaker of the language, just think about how you first learned your own native language. When you were young, even before you could speak you picked up pieces of conversation from those around you. Over time, those sounds coalesced into words and sentences, and you slowly began to understand what was being said around you. That kind of total immersion can be hard to mimic when learning a new language, but interacting with native speakers of that language is a huge help.

Many people think of Russian as a difficult language to learn. Russian is certainly more difficult for English speakers than some other Western languages. However, exposure to the language in its natural form can have non-native speakers learning Russian in no time. The best way to get this type of exposure is through interaction with people who already speak Russian. The Internet makes it easier than ever before to get a Russian-speaking pen pal. Doing so is an effective way to increase proficiency in the Russian language, and it is also a lot of fun.

Practicing Russian with a language partner does away with many of the obstacles one faces in other learning environments. Teachers do not have the time to converse with every student in a classroom setting, making it difficult to actually practice using Russian. It is equally impossible to have a fluid conversation with a software-based learning aid. Conversing with a pen pal gives students of the Russian language valuable one-on-one time to actually use their developing skills in a practical setting. Students at higher levels of proficiency can also use a pen pal to practice skills, as languages can be forgotten without use.

In many ways, learning Russian with a language partner is also more rewarding than other methods. Working with a pen pal can be a casual experience, but many lifelong friendships are also forged through this type of interaction. Communicating with a native Russian speaker is a great way to learn the language, but it is also a great way to get to know people from a different culture. Conversing with a Russian imparts volumes of cultural information that would be impossible to get across in traditional classroom settings. Therefore, learning Russian through a pen pal is not only an effective way to learn the language, but also a social and cultural learning experience.

The availability of online pen pals makes it easier than ever to learn Russian. Prospective students of the language should not be intimidated. Online language partners are a worthwhile and efficient way to gain proficiency in Russian. Both newcomers to the language and those looking for a way to hone their skills can benefit greatly from working with a fluent Russian speaker.

What you may get at our service

When you learn Russian from a native speaker of the language, you will not only pick up the grammar and syntax of the tongue. In addition to those important elements, you will gain an understanding of how the language has been formed over the years, and how it has changed and evolved. Think about the new words that have been added to the English language in just the last couple of years, then think about how hard it would be for a non-English speaker to understand how those words came to be a part of the language. A native speaker of Russian will have the kind of insight into the language that even many language professors lack.

A native Russian speaker will also be able to give you a glimpse into the slang terms and informal words that are part of every language. You learn Russian by mastering lists of words and understanding basic grammar, but to be truly fluent you will need to learn to speak the language like the Russians speak it. Only a native Russian speaker will be able to clue you in about how this difficult language is used in everyday conversation.

There are many ways to learn a new language, but learning Russian from a native speaker is one of the most effective. When you learn Russian from someone who has grown up with the language, you can be sure that the knowledge you gain will actually allow you converse with your new Russian friends and colleagues.

Learning Russian can be quite a challenging endeavor. Fortunately, the rewards of speaking a second language make this a very worthwhile challenge. How wonderful it is to be able to communicate effectively with people from very different cultures! You can learn so much from people around the world, gaining a deeper understanding of humankind and becoming a part of a global community. In addition to personal growth, learning Russian can help in your professional life. Bilingual peoplehavean extra advantage in the workplace. They can do business with clients and associates with whom other employees would find communication a struggle, if not impossible. Fluency in Russian makes you an asset to an employer.

How should you go about learning Russian?

Everyone learns differently, and there are several different methods from which to choose. You can take classes, study from books, or listen to audio recordings. It is probably not a bad idea to use as many of these methods as you have available. No matter which you choose, there is one other method that you should absolutely incorporate into your studies: Speaking and communicating in writing with native Russian speakers. Having a language partner who is a native Russian speaker will teach you fluency. You'll hear how real people speak in everyday life, not the stiff, formal textbook sentences that you might learn from a book or a class. You'll become familiar with the correct dialect and accent, accustomed to speaking comfortably, using slang and common expressions, and learn firsthand about Russian culture. Unlike in a classroom, you will have plenty of time for one-on-one discussions, each communication developing both your ability to speak Russian and your ability to understand a Russian speaker.

Conversing and learning with a native Russian speaker is the most valuable of all the methods available. No amount of reading and writing can give you the real-life learning experience that you will get from speaking with a native Russian. And perhaps the best part of all is that through this special experience, you will also be making a new friend.


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Hola, quiero conocer una mujer Eslava y compartir vivencias de cada país


Hi! I would be glad to meet you for having conversation. I speak English and Russian.

Language exchange

Hi ! I'm Amr from Egypt. I'm a native Arabic speaker and I speak English very well. I would like to find people with whom I can practice my Russian. I can help with Arabic or English.


Hermoso detalle


Greetings from Nizhny Novgorod, which is located 400km east from Moscow. I would like to learn proper English. Having joined this site, I hope I will be able to find somebody to practice with. I have various interests: sports, cycling, computer programming, learning English, playing guitar. I am somewhat rusty on Russian grammar, which I last learned in school, so, it would be interesting to refresh my knowledge. If you are looking for language exchange and your target language is Russian, you can pm me.

I can help

Hi Nizhny.
My name is Rayner I can help you in learning English while you can assist me in improving my Russian


Hello Rainer. I learn English and I need some conversational practice. My mother tongue Russian and I can talk to you on different topic


Hi Reiner. My name is Olya, I'm 14 and I'm from Russia. I want to learn English. I can help you improve your level of Russian. If interested, please write your any social

can help

Hello, I can offer help in learning Russian



Как пользоваться сайтом?? :))

Привет! Только что зарегистрировалась, и не пойму, что нужно делать.. Пришла в поисках англоязычного партнера.


Если ты говоришь на английском, напиши соц.сети



Let's talk
Telegram kay_guitar
I am also learning Russian and helping others with English

I know Russian and learn English.

I have accounts in VK(Dias Maga), WhatsApp (+7 705 446 1287), Telegram(the same number and name), Facebook and Instagram.

Learn ryssian

Myself vishal singh .I am from india .I want to learn russian.my mother tongue is Hindi and english.can anyone who would like to conversation ?

For learning Russian

Want to learn Russian :) I speak English as my native language..


Привет, го познакомися, я могу потренировать в русском языке

Practise russian

Hello ! I am Yousef from Egypt . I want to practice Russian with native speaker . I can teach you Arabic and help you in english . My Skype : yoyomedhat900

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Hello, I’m Fernando from Argentina. I want to learn and exchange experiences with German o russian speaking people! I speak spanish and English fluently.
I would like to find someone who understands their own culture, and i would gladly share mine! Feel free to write me!

I Want to learn and practice German or Russian

Hello, I’m Fernando from Argentina. I want to learn and exchange experiences with German o russian speaking people! I speak spanish and English fluently.
I would like to find someone who understands their own culture, and i would gladly share mine! Feel free to write me!


Help me please learn English and I help you learn Russian

English German Russian

Hello, I am a native russian speaker. I can speak German very good as well, I`m a schoolteacher of German and English, but my English is poor enough. So I would help you with your Russian or German and you could help me with English)))

Learning Russian language

That would be wonderful . Yes I can help you to improve you in your English and you can teach me to speak Russian .


Hi, I’m native russian and kazakh language. I want to learn english (british). I can help you with russian or kazakh if you help me with english, please:)