My name is Nuno Miguel, portuguese, 36, living and working in UK as a catering assistant, originally from Portugal, but, i have been here since 2000, so, i guess i am accustomed to living here in UK.
I am an outgoing, genuine, expressive individual that is looking for friends from all over the world, and from all walks of life, it really doesn't matter where you from, what you do etc, as long as you are respectful, genuine and a good friend then, you are always welcome in being my friend.
When i am off from work, i enjoy spending some time alone and contemplate over the things i enjoy the most such as watching the latest movies on amazon, netflix, an avid learner of all kinds of languages, traveling is also a must, which is something i have always done, been to Brazil, Iceland, Malta, etc, i just love it when i get in contact with other cultures and learn everything there is to know about those cultures.