A Russian-speaking person goes to a person for help with German/English or French

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A Russian-speaking person goes to a person for help with German/English or French

Hi! I’m Miriamly and I have been studying English for 8 years. I think my English still bad and I need to have some practice with native speakers. Also, in school, I’m studying German, but I know only a few phrases in this language. I want to study French, because it’s a really fascinating language. So if you know these languages, I wanna be your friend!


I can tell you about Russia and help with studying my language 


I would like to learn English, up to a free conversational level. But it's also fun to make friends, just to talk about free topics. My native language is Russian, but since childhood I have also studied Ukrainian. It would be great to make friends.



Hello. My name is Julia . My native Russian language. I want to learn English from scratch. I will also be happy to help you learn Russian.

conversation en français et russe

Bonjour, française de 63 ans, je cherche des correspondants pour pratiquer le russe que j'apprends et je peux donner des cours de français et conversation en français.


Je suis française et je peux vous aider à apprendre le français et j'aimerais un peu parler russe
à bientôt


Hello, I am Kay from India and I would like to interact with people who speak Russian!
I am here to help with English :)

Let's talk
Telegram kay_guitar
I am also learning Russian and helping others with English

giorgio fava
Madrelingua italiano Носитель итальянского языка

Ciao, sono spiacente. Sono madrelingua italiano. Ho già insegnato italiano con successo a 2 signore russe. Se vuoi sono disponibile. Posso ospitarti a casa mia a Pesaro. Città sul mare. Sto andando a università per ripassare spagnolo e francese. Conosco un poco di russo. A presto. Un abbraccio. #####" Привет, мне очень жаль. Я носитель итальянского языка. Я уже успешно обучил итальянскому языку двух русских женщин. Если хочешь, я доступен. Я могу принять вас у себя дома в Пезаро. Город на море. Я собираюсь в университет, чтобы освежить испанский и французский языки. Я немного знаю русский язык. До скорой встречи. Объятья.