I need to restore spoken English. Two years there was no conversational practice. Next year, I move to the US to work. I perfectly know the Russian language - colloquial, literary, scientific, business language, financial and economic; +7 (927) 90-900-27; balukov2013@gmail.com — preferred means of communication; Skype: Balukov2013; • The Government of the Samara region Vice-chairman Member of the board of scientists and experts at the governor of the Samara region • Student Government Chairman The student self-government Faculty of Public Management at the International Institute of Market • Independent Journal of Management & Production Editorial board member Mission: The mission of the Independent Journal of Management & Production (IJM&P) is to contribute to the scientific community through the international dissemination of works relevant to the development of theoretical and empirical research produced by the Brazilian academy as well as researchers from other countries. • International Cup of strategy and business management Global Management Challenge Winner of the "Regions' Cup" International Championship of strategy and business management Global Management Challenge (GMC) (team captain). • International cup "Banks Battle" Sberbank Winner of International Banks Battle Cup in the Moscow region on the strategy and management of the banking sector (team captain). • International Cup in Samara region on strategy and business management. Global Management Challenge (GMC) Global Management Challenge Winner International Cup in Samara region on strategy and business management Global Management Challenge (GMC) ( team captain ) • "Leadership at least" from Harvard Business Review (HBR) Harvard Business Review (HBR) Winner of " Leadership at least " from Harvard Business Review (HBR). • Candidate Master of Sports Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation Candidate master of sports of athletics • The Coordinator of projects AIESEC AIESEC - is the largest youth organization that provides leadership experience and international opportunities for students and recent graduates around the world • The Coordinator of projects The General Assembly ICYE The organisation works to develop youth exchange programmes and promote the international volunteering movement. • Member Amnesty International Amnesty International is a global movement of more than 7 million people who take injustice personally. We are campaigning for a world where human rights are enjoyed by all. • My scientific articles: E-government and civil activity. The study of supply and demand E-Government in the digital era concept, practice and development Analysis of the relevance of e-government Best practices of e-Government in the world The history of the basic models of e-government The issue of e-government in the work of domestic and foreign authors The process of management decision-making and analysis of prospects for the use of support systems and management decisions at the level of e-region