Russian Language Exchange - Why You Should Learn with a Russian Native Speaker!

Are you excited to learn Russian but not sure where to start? Are you daunted by the alphabet, pronunciation and spelling, and wondering how you will ever understand this vast, beautiful language?

The good news is that Russian is not as difficult as it might seem, as Russian grammar usually follows regular rules and patterns. You do, however, need to find the most effective way to learn it! There are many different ways to learn a language, and each claims to be the best method of helping you become fluent. For example, you will find many courses that claim to teach you all you need to know within a matter of weeks, with only a small amount of effort! These are obviously bogus, as learning a new language takes time and care. There is also the tried and tested formal method of language classes, learning pronunciation, spelling and grammar in a step-by-step process. This will increase your understanding of certain aspects of the language, but you will have little opportunity to put it into practice, which is key to improving your fluency.


The reality is that learning Russian requires more than simply memorizing words and sounds. Building up your vocabulary is important, but the best way to engage with your new language is by communicating with a native Russian speaker. This method, known as “immersion”, is seen by many to be the most effective means of learning a new language, and it can only be achieved through joining a vibrant community of native speakers, not by poring over textbooks and dictionaries. The Russian language is closely linked to the Russian culture and way of life, and it is only by learning to think like a Russian that you will begin to develop your understanding of Russian itself. At, you will have the opportunity to meet native speakers on line and begin learning Russian.

All you need to do is find a Russian speaker who is equally keen to learn your own native language, and the language exchange is underway! Members of come from all over the globe, so making new friends is easy. In addition, one of the most exciting aspects of is the flexibility that the on line community brings. Not only will you have the opportunity to interact and discuss with native Russians, but you will also have the option of scheduling your exchanges at a time that suits you. This is a huge bonus compared to the rigid nature of formal language classes. And because Russians have a reputation for being friendly, open people, you needn’t feel shy about reviewing the trickier parts of the language with your new language pal! The language exchange community at pen4pals offers a unique opportunity to learn Russian in the most effective way possible - by conversing with and learning from Russian native speakers.

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