Read and Pronounce the Russian Alphabet in Just Two Hours

Hi, my name is Mark Thomson, founder of a course called Russian Accelerator. I'm really excited to tell you about this series of videos we've put together called Russian Alphabet Mastery.


The video course is for complete beginners, and requires absolutely no knowledge of Russian. But by the end of the course you'll be able to read and pronounce any word in Russian...and you'll do this with just two hours of 100% video instruction. (NOTE: This doesn't mean you'll understand every word. That comes later. But you will be able read and sound the words out.)


I remember when I was first trying to learn Russian. For me, the Cyrillic alphabet was really intimidating. The letters just looked so strange. I honestly felt like, this is going to be too hard. Maybe you feel that same way?


Well, you shouldn't. You absolutely can read Russian, and you can actually do it in just a few hours with this course. I promise.


Since you're reading this on a site which helps you find pen pals, you obviously understand the value in reading and writing (and understanding) Russian. Who has a better chance of making an impression on a new Russian acquaintance: The one who's lazy and assumes everyone speaks English? Or the one who took the time to learn some Russian...and to read and write it, too?


I've traveled all over Russia and Ukraine and I can tell you, learning some Russian will make your trip so much easier. Being able to read street signs, menus, billboards, and so on. It just makes your trip so much more enjoyable.


So, how do we teach you to read and pronounce Russian in just a few hours? We do it by using a modern language learning technique known as contextual learning. Instead of being told how a Russian letter is pronounced, we let you figure it out on your own, from context. Like this:


In the following phrase, all the small letters are in English. The one BIG letter (Д) is the one you want to figure out:


My favorite actor is Johnny Дepp.


My favorite TV show is BREAKING BAД.



See? You now know the pronunciation of the Cyrillic letter Д, yet I never actually told you. Instead, you figured it out from context. (It's the Russian equivalent of the English letter 'D'. And sort of looks like it, too, doesn't it?)


In the Russian Alphabet Mastery video series, you'll then be shown street signs that you can read each time you learn a new letter. And you'll hear each pronounced by a native speaker. But it's this simple concept of learning from context that will make the process effortless. If you'd like to be reading Cyrillic just a few hours from now go here for the free online video version:


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