Sections of Language Exchange Network Pen4Pals in the Web fo Free Learning Russian Language

Social groups for learning Russian

  1. FB Russian-English group. Facebook group for learning Russian with Russians.
  2. VK 
  3. G plus 
  4. WhatsApp groups 
  5. Linkedin 
  6. FB Russian-French group 

  7. FB Russian-Spanish group

  8. FB Russian-Italian group

  9. FB Russisch-Deutsch Sprachaustausch

  10. FB 日本語 - ロシア語の言語交換基

Chat for practicing and learning Russian with native Russian speaker

Sites for searching native Russian for language exchange 

Useful learning Russian feeds 

  • Twitter - a great feed of best materials for easy and fast learning Russian.
  • Instagram - a interesting collection of special pictures for studying Russian grammar, phrases, tricky words. 
  • Reddit


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