Learning Russian with Native Speakers

There are numerous ways you can learn languages.  These methods are dependent on what type of learner you are.  Some people prefer to learn from books and others prefer more hands on approaches.  However no matter which path taken you should have a native speaker you can reference to for assistance.  This is especially true for languages that derive from different dialects than your native language, like Russian and English for example.



            This is something accomplished easily by obtaining a pen pal.  This is potentially the best method because you have the chance to practice with native speakers, and are able to stay up to date within the language.  As time goes on books become out of date, and they are not current with certain aspects of the language.  You should learn Russian with native speakers if you are looking to avoid this.


            Not everyone has sample time to invest into a language, and a pen pal can be a great remedy to this.  With a pen pal you can send letters at your own pace and learn with time.  Additionally a pen pal offers a great opportunity because if you ever visit their part of the country you won’t be lost and will have a friendly face there.   This can be especially valuable if you already plan to visit Russia in the future.


            Many people like to meet new people, but some are more timid when it comes to this.  Having a pen pal offers a good medium in this aspect, and allows you to meet new people without too much pressure.  It also allows you to get a peek into the culture of Russia without actually going there.  This can be a great learning experience.


            If you are someone who is truly passionate about learning the Russian language you should strongly consider getting a language partner from Russia.  After all what do you have to lose?  You can learn comfortably at your own pace with the assistance of a native speaker.  All in all, you should look into getting a Russian pen pal.


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