Communicating Across Cultures and Boundaries With

Communicating across cultures and boundaries is universally important and highly useful in today’s globally social community.  Modern technology has had an enormous impact on the way people think, interact, and behave amongst each other.  The ability to learn a secondary or foreign language has grown thanks to advances provided by the internet and innovative language exchange service providers like   At, you will find a free and comprehensive opportunity to engage with native speakers to experience and learn a new language.  This exciting service matches native speaking Russian members with members possessing a different native language to enhance the interactive exchange that is required when learning a new language. 

 Language immersion is essential to acquiring true and lasting knowledge of a language.  Often, the way people speak and interact is less formal or structured than most traditional language courses teach it.  The subtleties, nuances, and slang language inherent to a culture can never fully be understood without total language immersion. eliminates the need for special education and face-to-face interaction by providing its members with the unique opportunity to interact and communicate in a way that is natural and comfortable. 


 Membership is free and participants have the freedom to set up exchanges and messages at their convenience.  Geographical distance is no longer a factor in acquiring a new language thanks to  Simply log in to the site, select a member with whom you wish to communicate, and begin an exchange. provides a powerful translator tool to simplify the conversations taking place between members, and the site is accessible all hours of the day and night. 

 Your new language pals can help you sort out the more complex aspects of the language while you help them understand your native language, eliminating any fear or embarrassment common in a traditional classroom setting.  With, you can acquire and master the beautiful Russian language with ease and confidence.

  If you’ve ever wanted to travel to a Russian-speaking area, compete for a position with a Russian-speaking company, or simply desire the challenge of training your brain to gain fluency in the lovely Russian language, begin your adventure with  

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