10 Tips of Language Learning

Many people are afraid of learning foreign languages as they think that this mission is impossible.

As a person who speaks fluently Russian, Ukrainian and English and learnt French, German, Italian and Turkish I can say that learning foreign language can be a real fun.

It doesn't matter what language you are learning now if you follow simple rules.  Let's talk about them.


Rule 1

You should do it every day. It's much more better to study language 20 minutes a day then to do it once a week but for a whole day. Frequency matters.


Rule 2

Don't try to do everything and at once. Don’t buy 20 different books, download 10 different audio-courses and check all best language-learning methods on you at the same time.  Choose one but the best option for you and start to learn.


Rule 3

Start with simple. Learn letters and their pronunciation, reading rules, then start to learn words and phrases, continue with reading simple texts and writing. Only then you can find native speaking friends or watch films in foreign language. You education should be step-by-step. We do not learn how to run before we learn how to go. Otherwise you'll be very demotivated.


Rule 4

Do not learn only theory. All four aspects of language are important: Speaking, Listening, Writing and Reading. Just scramming rules without practicing all these aspects will give you nothing. Language is not a book of rules. It is a method of communication and you should train various ways of expressing your thoughts and understanding of others.


Rule 5

Surround yourself with new language. Switch the language in your mobile phone, read news in new language, listen and learn songs that you like. You can also write new words on colorful stickers and put them on computer display, fridge, mirror in the bathroom so on... You will always see them so it will be easier to memorize new vocabulary


Rule 6

Do not be afraid of making mistakes. Everyone does them. It is naturally. Only those people who do nothing make no mistakes. Though… Doing nothing is even a bigger mistake


Rule 7

Socialize. Make new friends from countries where people speak this language. You will practice your language skills with native speaking buddies, learn something new about their country, culture, tradition, share your experience… It is very entertaining. Once started you won’t be able to stop


Rule 8

Traveling. It is the best way to master all your knowledge. Just visit a country and feel it from inside. As there will be no other opportunity but to talk local language you will refresh all you learned and remember that for a long time. Lots of positive emotions are also guaranteed.


Rule 9

You should have an aim. You should understand why you do it. With lots of modern opportunities: free online materials, new fiends in social networks, different gadgets you can learn language without money and anywhere you are. So there are no reasons why you can’t do it. You need just a wish to start


Rule 10

If you understand that you can’t cope with the language by yourself find a private teacher who will support you in the beginning and explain you all details.



Yuliya Shayenko



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