Someone recently saw the word мешать explained on another site, and requested a "Bitesize explanation". Always ready to oblige, here is a definition, several examples of usage, verb conjugation, and a couple popular colloquial expressions that purvey a very similar meaning as мешать. To simplify the explanation we are focusing on the imperfective мешать, but please note that the perfective помешать is conjugated exactly the same, i.e. помеша́ю, помеша́ешь, помеша́ет и т.д. Here are the two colloquial expressions that are explained in the Bitesize graphic:

- "Вставлять (кому-то) палки в колёса" - to put a stick into someone's wheels
- "Путаться (у кого-то) под ногами" - to get under someone's feet


picture russian meshat

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